USSR Simbols in Moscow

Museum Bunker—42

Go to the Cold War bunker-museum to play spy games or strikeball

Soviet arcade machines 15 kop.

Museum of Soviet arcade machines

Exhibition Centre All-Russia EC

Building Narkomfin Building

Masterpiece of architecture: a block of flats for employees of Commissariat of Finance

Cinema Illusion

A classical “soviet” cinema theatre of the State Movie Fund of Russia

Underground Museum Stalin`s Bunker

The chief shelter under the «Sports and fitness company Izmailovo»

A building not built Palace of the Soviet

Monumental project, 420 m high, with Lenin atop

Cinema Сircular panorama

A unique soviet cinema attraction forgotten by everybody

Monument Mosfilm's Sign

An ideal and a symbol of soviet period

Monument Doсent

Artist Leonov threatens passers-by to rip their chaps and to stab their blinkers

Hotel Ukraina

Original name of the Stalinist high-rise Radisson Royal Hotel at Kutuzovsky Avenue

USSR Symbol Мausoleum

A glance at the very Lenin

Monument Cheese «Druzhba»

The most famous processed cheese in the CIS

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