Patriki in Moscow

Restaurant Uilliam's

Uilliam Lamberti’s own restaurant

Restaurant Friends Forever

Wine Bar Brix

Theater Praktika

Visit the theatre or indulge in self-development

Restaurant Mari Vanna

Cozy home restaurant for those who love traditional Russian cuisine

Barbershop Mr. Right

House Lions house

Beautiful building in Moscow that was built in 1944 on direct order from Stalin

Barbershop Chop-Chop

Restaurant Pavillion

Restaurant near Patriarshiye Ponds with Russian cuisine and Soviet quotations

Restaurant Color of Night

Club-restaurant with a friendly atmosphere and an art-program, unique for Moscow

Last reviews

N.D. about Mr. Right
Give it a skip, one of the worst cuts ever. They took about 70 min to do basically nothing. Annoying place.
Andrew Kloster about Saxon + Parole
I really like this restaurant. Nice vibe and good food. Also, not a bad wine list...

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