Show in Moscow

Museum Museum of animation

The magical world of animation

Center for Photography The Lumiere Brothers

1000 square meters of photography

Medieval Tsar Residence Moscow Kremlin

Visit the symbol of Russian statehood

Park Pharmaceutic Garden

One of the oldest parks in Moscow which was founded in 1706 by Peter I

Cinema Illusion

A classical “soviet” cinema theatre of the State Movie Fund of Russia

Underground Museum Stalin`s Bunker

The chief shelter under the «Sports and fitness company Izmailovo»

Theater Praktika

Visit the theatre or indulge in self-development

Museum Moscow Museum

Museum about people who made this city as it is

Aquarium Moskvarium

Culture Center Gogol-center

Museum and Sex Shop Tochka G

Erotic Art Museum + Sex-Shop + Erotic Cafe

Art&Science Space Laboratoria

Join the science!

Сreative Mansion FreeLabs

Centre for Contemporary Art NCCA

One of the most popular exhibition spaces

Project Platforma

Theatre S.A.D.

Fellowship of drama artists

Museum ММOМА Petrovka 25

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Art Center CHA

The Central House of Artists

Museum-Estate Arkhangelskoe

Enjoy works of art or just stroll through shady alleys of the park.

Photocenter Photoraphy House

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