Museums Moscow

Museum ММOМА Petrovka 25

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Centre for Contemporary Art NCCA

One of the most popular exhibition spaces

Museum Retro-cars

Museum with a collection of working retro cars

Museum Technology Museum

Admire cars, motorcycles, military equipment and weapons in the museum by Vadim Zadorozhnogo

Museum Oriental Museum

See 147 500 museum exhibits

Building Palaty Romanovykh

House of the Romanovs

Cultural Center Autoville

Visit the museum of retro-cars, restaurant, boutique and children's autodesign center

Museum USSR Museum

Museum English Court

The old english court (1555)

Museum-homestead Ostafyevo

Ostafyevo Manor is so called “Russian Parnassus” of XIX-XX centuries

Gallery Art XIX-XX

Gallery of European and American Art of XIX-XX centuries

Puppet Theater Obraztsov Theatre

World Puppet Centre

Central Exhibition Hall Manege

Museum The forgotten things

Admire the charming trifles in Retro-Museum

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