Cinema Moscow

Space Acting Hall

Topical culture in action

Cinema Karo Film

Cinema Five stars

A stage for festival and art0house cinema

Cinema Mossovet

Cinema Domzhur

Movies in the House of Journalists

Cinema Fakel

A cinema theatre near the “Aviatorskaya” metro station with unusual repertoire

Entertainment Complex Kinosfera

The first IMAX cinema in Russia

Cinema Kinostar De Lux

Movies in the shopping center «Mega Teply Stan»

Cinema Club Eldar

A cozy club to the south-west of Moscow

Cinema Formula Kino City

Movies in the shopping center «Afimoll City»

Cinema Svetofor

Cinema Formula Kino

Movies in the shopping center «Festival»

Cinema Kronverk Cinema

Cinema in the «Oblaka» center

Youth Leisure Centre Kuncevo

Entertainment center with one of the most affordable movie theaters in Moscow

Cinema Rolan

Cinema Polyet

Moscow Theater for children and teenagers

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