Walk near «Volgogradskiy prospekt» metro station

Museum Bunker—42

Go to the Cold War bunker-museum to play spy games or strikeball

Design claster Artplay on Yauza

A downtown block in Moscow where architecture and art companies rent their offices

Underground Special object

An object under square of Paveletsky Terminal handled to subway management

Street art Most

culture center ZIL

Street Shkolnaya

Building 1/2 Solyanka

Attraction Krutitsy Metochion

Monastery and residency of bishops founded in XIII century

Street Art Time Machine

Factory Kristall

Slogan for this place

Church Church of All Saints

Temple on Slavyanskaya Square in Zaryadye, Moscow, not far from Kitai gorod (China-Town)

Monument The stool

Tower Dulo

One of the most ancient places in Moscow built in XII century

Monastery Andronikov Monastery

A former friary on the left bank of river Yauza

Lake Sadki

A pond in the south-east of Moscow near “Tekstilshchiki” metro station and Lyublinskaya street

Building State Plan Garage

This garage was built in 1936 upon the project of Melnikov in cooperation with Kurochkin.

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