Places near «Tsaritsyino» metro station

Park Tsaritsyno

A park with palaces on the South of Moscow founded by Catherine II in 1776

Park & Museum Tsaritsyino

Restaurant Piano

Restaurant located on the main floor of ‘Milan’ Hotel

Japanese Food Restaurant Niyama

Japanese restaurant in Vodoley Shopping Center

Restaurant Tiberio

Restaurant in ‘Milan’ hotel

Saspens-performans Mistika

Slogan for this place

Shop C&A

Situativnyiy performans Diagnoz

Slogan for this place

Perfume Shop Lush

Cafe Bora Bora

Cafe in «Domodedovskiy»

Restaurant Shanghai

Restaurant Viktoriya

Restaurant Tanuki

Restaurant Podvorye

Restaurant Shakhin Shakh

Restaurant Visconti

Club a la Milan with its wine-cigar concept is meant for communication

Cafe Blues

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