Architecture near «Tretyakovskaya» metro station

Gallery Tretyakov Gallery

Embankment Crimean

Institute > strelka

A free postgraduate program of interdisciplinary researches about a city

House & Museum of the house Melnikov House

House-studio of the architect Melnikov, a world-famous masterpiece of the Soviet avant-garde

House Dom Pertsovoy

Cathedral & Museum St. Basil's

Feast your eyes on architectural symbol of Moscow

Street Kuznetsky Most

Medieval Tsar Residence Moscow Kremlin

Visit the symbol of Russian statehood

A building not built Palace of the Soviet

Monumental project, 420 m high, with Lenin atop

Museum Historical Museum

The largest national historic museum in Russia

Building Narkomfin Building

Masterpiece of architecture: a block of flats for employees of Commissariat of Finance

Theatre Bolshoi

One of the most significant theatres of the world has been opened after renovation

Аrchitecture Chinese House

culture center ZIL

Architecture Spiring Stairs

Attraction Krutitsy Metochion

Monastery and residency of bishops founded in XIII century

Place Kitay-gorod

Hotel Metropol

Kremlin Spassky Tower

The most interesting tower of Moscow Kremlin with chimes and Christ in icons

House Home-Egg

Amazing architecture of bizarre form

Creative Center Arma Factory

Building Palaty Romanovykh

House of the Romanovs

House Commode

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