Places near «Rumyantsevo» metro station

Cafe Anderson

At this café, children are distinguished guests; delivery to local homes

Subway Troparevo

Kids club AnderSon

Children’s club for family holidays by AnderSon chain of family cafes

Theatre South-West

Do you love South-West theatre like I do?

Restaurant Yan Primus

Belgium beer restaurant named after Duke of Flanders

Cinema Kinostar De Lux

Movies in the shopping center «Mega Teply Stan»

Beach Troparevo

Art workshop Lulaki

Is a homely and comfortable development center for children and parents

playground Skatepark

Child Club Sema

Vietnamese Food Restaurant Nem’s

Vietnamese restaurant in the «Almiral»

Japanese Food Restaurant Saizen

Japanese restaurant in the hotel «Salute»

Aikido club Kenage

Cafe Rodeo

Shop Douglas

Perfume shop in the shopping center «Mega»

Restaurant Hleb sol

Restaurant Menga

Cafe Kofein

Shopping center Mega «Teply Stan»

Turn the shopping trip into a fascinating journey into the MEGA Teply Stan

Paintball Club Vybor

Restaurant Vapiano

art-tsentr Solntsevo

A-a-ah, more placesloading