Dance schools near «Pushkinskaya» metro station

Dance Studio 5 Life

Learn to dance on Belarusian!

Choreography Studio The Dome

Dance school Drive Dance

Learn how to dance with the world famous choreographers

Dance Studio Dance-class

Swing at Prechistenskaya

Dance Studio Dance class

Swing at school on Malaya Ordynka

Dance school ManGo Ritm

Dance school Otro-tango

Spanish education center

Spanish Dance and language centre in Moscow

Dance school Latin

Dancing school Go-Go Motion

Perform Go-go, R&B, Eastern and strip dances for boys

Dande School TsEH

Dance Halls Gold & Dance

Dance School Dance class

It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing!

Dance school Protiv chasovoy

Dance school Shkola flamenko

Dance school Artlife

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Katherine Barrios about Otro-tango
Hi! Im interested in taking tango lessons with my boyfriend. I would like to know in what lenguage the classes are given, how much do they cost, and the schedule for begginers lessons. Thank you.

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