Cafes near «Polyanka» metro station

Cafe Lyudee Kuk Lyudee

Russian for 'People Like People' hides a cosy cafe with cheap and tasty food

Cafe Didu

The clayest cafe in the world

Coffee Shop Les

House of tea & ice Chainaya vysota

Drink tea. Enjoy tea. Understand tea.

Club & cafe Propaganda

Cafe Hachapuri

Eat khachapuri, khinkali and other current Georgian food

Cafe-pizzeria Kabinet

Italian family restaurant in the heart of Moscow

Hookah Lemon Haze

Cafe Filial

Affordable café serving tasty dishes by owners of Propaganda

Cafe&Bar Kon-Tiki

Cafe FAQ-cafe

Place where creative people feel on the same wavelength

Cafe & Cinema Fassbinder

Cafe&bar Products

Taste authentic homemade Italian food

Motoworkshop & Cafe Entuziast

Cafe Jan-Jak

Paris café on Nikitinsky Boulevard

Cafe Black Market

New café serving American dishes by Isaac Correa, the founder of Correas

Cafe Lebedev's Cafe

Store&Café on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street

Cafe Receptor

Cafe with a creative outlook

Cafe Marukame

Restaurant Club Shanti

Oriental club and restaurant, one of the most popular places in the city

Coffee Brew Bar West 4

Last reviews

Rory about Chez Maman
Owner chef (and his old dear) ensure both delivery and quality is top notch
Rory about Lebedev's Cafe
great place to hang out
Влад about Lyudee Kuk Lyudee
Cozy an near the university

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