Places near «Pionerskaya» metro station

Abandoned Water Park Aquadrom

Park Fili

A park along bottom land of r. Moscow in the West of Moscow with area of 280 hectares

Restaurant & Bar Oblaka

Heavenly restaurant in the Gallery «Vremena Goda»

Pizzeria Bocconcino

Pizzeria in the shopping center «Vremena Goda»

Practice studio Suryaram

Skating-rink Novaya liga

Rink «at the Triumphal arch» at the stadium «Meteor»

Gate Triumphal Gate

Gates were constructed to honor victory in the war of 1812.

Park Pobedy Park

Memorial park with museum of Great Patriotic War

Cafe + Kindergarten Yeti Snow Station

Spherical complex featuring an atmosphere of outer space

structure House-ring

Pizzeria Centrale

Taste a pizza cooked in the wood stove in Rublevka

Museum WWII Museum

Touch the Great Patriotic War

Metro Park Pobedy Station

The 165th station of Moscow Metro which is situated on Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya Line

Dvorets sporta Dinamo

team building Velobiatlon

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