Clubs near «Paveletskaya» metro station

Club & cafe Propaganda

Club Masterskaya

Club, theater and restaurant in one place

Club area Rodnya

Show room, lecture hall and gallery in daytime; club, movie theater and concert platform at night

Cafe Imagine

Nightclub #LOL

Cafe & Bar Cherdak

Grandma's lampshades and old red Soviet TV set

Club Duma

‘Duma’ is a perfect place for casual get-togethers

Club Project O.G.I.

Visit Bohemian place

Multispace Troyka

Nightclub M!crobe

Club Jao Da

More than the famous Chinese pilot

Club GlavClub

Club & Restaurant Petrovich

Club MCS

Club Che

Revolutionary club with atmosphere of freedom and equality

Club-restaurant Gusyatnikoff

Combination of traditions of Moscow merchant class and modern European club culture

Cafe Disco bar Caribe

Enjoy the atmosphere of hot summer radiating freedom and romance

Club & Restaurant Reka

Club Red

Jazz-cafe Esse

A-a-ah, more placesloading