Pizzerias near «Novokuznetskaya» metro station

Pizza Montalto

Unusual for Moscow and typical for New York pizzeria by Isaac Correa

Cafe-pizzeria Kabinet

Italian family restaurant in the heart of Moscow

Restaurant Il Pomodoro

The first in Moscow to receive a certificate by Italian Féderation of Pizzaiolo

Pizzeria Bocconcino

Restaurant Da Pino

Italian family restaurant

Cafe & Pizzeria Academiya

Pizzeria Pizza Express

Restaurant Il Forno

Pizzeria Рizza Express

Pizzeria Pitstseriya «Dzhanni

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Marco Mairate about Montalto
I love this place, not only for the pizza (pretty tasty but more a «focaccia» for us italians) but because I love the soundtrack (70/80 remixed), the staff and decoration. Finally, it is close to my home :) Prices are reasonable and I suggest it!

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