Places near «Mitino» metro station

Ski complex Shej.Сom

Rink, shooting range, fitness center, street-park, kids club, aqua-zone

Concert Hall Crocus City Hall

The one and only multipurpose hall for 6,200 seats in Russia

Entertainment Park Cosmik Veypark

Leisure Centre Igromax

Amusement and gaming machines in «Waypark»

Japanese Food Restaurant Tanuki

Restaurant Shabli

Restaurant Shore House

Restaurant and yacht club

Cafe Saray

Affordable Tatar café with a welcoming atmosphere

Restaurant Fusion

Caucasian cuisine from ‘Grand Gusto Group’ in ‘Crocus City’

Yaht Club Crocus City

Restaurant Traktir pozharskago

Restaurant located in ‘Crocus City Mall’

Park Mitinsky

Musical-theater Monoton

torgovyiy tsentr Vegas City Hall

Restaurant Territoriya Vkusa

torgovyiy park Otrada

Pavilion Crocus Expo

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