Places near «Krestyanskaya zastava» metro station

Museum Bunker—42

Go to the Cold War bunker-museum to play spy games or strikeball

Soviet arcade machines 15 kop.

Museum of Soviet arcade machines

Design claster Artplay on Yauza

A downtown block in Moscow where architecture and art companies rent their offices

Centre for Contemporary Art Winzavod

Quest MosLabirint

The largest maze in the world! The largest world quest in reality! 2,000 m² of the game!

Cinema 35mm

Watch art-house and festival movies on a big screen

Free Space Tsiferblat

Embodiment of saying
'Time is money': 2 rubles/minute

Shop & Bar Denis Simachёv

Cafe Lyudee Kuk Lyudee

Russian for 'People Like People' hides a cosy cafe with cheap and tasty food

Cathedral & Museum St. Basil's

Feast your eyes on architectural symbol of Moscow

Underground Special object

An object under square of Paveletsky Terminal handled to subway management

Museum Historical Museum

The largest national historic museum in Russia

show-room Solyanke VPA

Theatre Bolshoi

One of the most significant theatres of the world has been opened after renovation

Cafe Didu

The clayest cafe in the world

Medieval Tsar Residence Moscow Kremlin

Visit the symbol of Russian statehood

Club & cafe Propaganda

culture center ZIL

Аrchitecture Chinese House

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