Dance schools near «Krasnopresnenskaya» metro station

Dance Studio 5 Life

Learn to dance on Belarusian!

Dance Studio Dance-class

Swing at Prechistenskaya

Dance school Drive Dance

Learn how to dance with the world famous choreographers

Dance Studio Dance class

Swing at school on Malaya Ordynka

Dance school Latin

Dande School TsEH

Dancing school Go-Go Motion

Perform Go-go, R&B, Eastern and strip dances for boys

Ballet Studio Akter

Children's ballet studio at the State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet

Dance School TangoMango

Dance School Dance class

It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing!

Dance school Dance First

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Katherine Barrios about TangoMango
Hi! Im interested in taking tango lessons with my boyfriend. I would like to know in what lenguage the classes are given, how much do they cost, and the schedule for begginers lessons. Thank you.

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