Pizzerias near «Krasnopresnenskaya» metro station

Pizza Montalto

Unusual for Moscow and typical for New York pizzeria by Isaac Correa

Cafe-pizzeria Kabinet

Italian family restaurant in the heart of Moscow

Osteria Giuseppe

Best affordable Italian restaurant

Pizzeria Bocconcino

Pizzeria with genuine Neapolitan wood stove

Pizzeria Bocconcino

Restaurant Da Pino

Italian family restaurant

Cafe & Pizzeria Academiya

Pizzeria Pizza Express

Restaurant Il Forno

Pizzeria Рizza Express

Restaurant Chentrale

Pizzeria Pitstseriya «Dzhanni

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Marco Mairate about Montalto
I love this place, not only for the pizza (pretty tasty but more a «focaccia» for us italians) but because I love the soundtrack (70/80 remixed), the staff and decoration. Finally, it is close to my home :) Prices are reasonable and I suggest it!
Joel Babb about Giuseppe
Taliolini with quail, foie gras and truffles — 870 rub.d I think the truffles were actually morel mushrooms but delicious nevertheless. This is an incredible dish and well worth the price. I think Giuseppe is the perfect «hole in the wall» restaurant. There is a very nice chef and most dishes are modestly priced.Read more

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