Drink & food near «Frunzenskaya» metro station

Bar & Restaurant LuchBar

Place for lovers of modern art and the best cocktails in town

Social bar > strelka

Cafe & club Кvartira 44

Piano-bar and homemade food restaurant in an old Moscow apartment

Restaurant White Rabbit

Bar Ya perezvonyu

‘Bar on the corner’ in Strochenovsky Lane

Cafe & club 8 Oz

Cafe Hachapuri

Eat khachapuri, khinkali and other current Georgian food

Restoran Ugolek

Hookah Lemon Haze

Modern European Restaurant Dom 12

Restaurant Brix II

Club-Restaurant Sky Lounge

Restaurant Karlsson

Karlsson’s favorite dish is jam but the restaurant has a lot more tasty things to offer

Cafe Black Market

New café serving American dishes by Isaac Correa, the founder of Correas

Cafe FAQ-cafe

Place where creative people feel on the same wavelength

Cafe Lebedev's Cafe

Store&Café on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street

Restaurant Kvartira 44

Piano-bar and family restaurant in an old Moscow apartment in Yakimanka District

Cafe Marukame

Cafe&bar Products

Taste authentic homemade Italian food

Club Duma

‘Duma’ is a perfect place for casual get-togethers

Restaurant Shinok

  • Аня Масалова
  • Влад
  • Dmytro A. Ivanov
  • Анжелика Михайлова
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The best restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine in Moscow

Cafe Jan-Jak

Paris café on Nikitinsky Boulevard

Cafe Receptor

Cafe with a creative outlook

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