Places near «Fonvizinskaya» metro station

Design Factory Flakon

A complex of design, media and event spaces in one “Flacon”

Science Museum Polytechnical

Exhibition Centre All-Russia EC

Museum Astronautics Museum

Scientifically credible museum with aesthetically expressive exhibits and installations

Museum Museum of animation

The magical world of animation

Aquarium Moskvarium

TV Tower Ostankino

Climb the tallest tower in Russia

Restaurant Kryisha-Bar

Cinema Сircular panorama

A unique soviet cinema attraction forgotten by everybody

Theme Park Ride / Attraction Koleso obozreniya

School Seasons

Carting 10 dyuimov

Monument Mosfilm's Sign

An ideal and a symbol of soviet period

Float Center Embryo

Spaces Ideas Banka

Theatre Satiricon

The theatre of Arkady Raikin

Office Esquire

Shop Xarizmas

Street art Flacone Facade

Alexey Kio created a painting on façade of “Flacone” design factory

Beach Flacon's Beach

Beach with heated swimming pool, volleyball, ping-pong, cafe right next to «Flacon» design-plant

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