Miscellanea Moscow

Flight Simulator Boeing

«Flight» on a full-size Boeing-737 simulator

Yacht School Moscowskaya

Tsentr vzaimootnosheniy Semeynyiy tsentr

Courses Wordshop

Culture center Meridian

Business club Delovar

Space Acting Hall

Topical culture in action

Chinese Culture Club Baimao

Lecture Hall Lyceum of Tretyakovk

school AVT

Photoschool Media Masterskie

Culture Center Novy Akropol

Training Center MDR

Youth Center GBU MMMTs

Private school space Atlas

To become an astronaut!

Racing Team Pilot

Temple Troitsyi

Author's dolls workshop Dolls

Make your first artistic doll!

Sommelier School WinePeople

Courses Shkola Radio

Social Innovation Lab Cloudwatcher

Diving center Appexdiving

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