Drink & food in Moscow

Restaurant Nobu

Club area Rodnya

Show room, lecture hall and gallery in daytime; club, movie theater and concert platform at night

Coffee Shop Les

Bar Ya perezvonyu

‘Bar on the corner’ in Strochenovsky Lane

Cafe & Bar Cherdak

Grandma's lampshades and old red Soviet TV set

House of tea & ice Chainaya vysota

Drink tea. Enjoy tea. Understand tea.

Club Masterskaya

Club, theater and restaurant in one place

Restoran Ugolek

Farmer Projects Lavka Lavka

Support the local farmer!
Provide yourself with high quality rural food

Supnyiy restoran Zupperia

Hookah Lemon Haze

Сreative Mansion FreeLabs

Anticafe & Coworking CheckPoint

Cafe & club 8 Oz

Cafe Imagine

Modern European Restaurant Dom 12

Nightclub #LOL

Motoworkshop & Cafe Entuziast

Restaurant Brix II

Bakery & cafe Bulka

Cafe & Cinema Fassbinder

A-a-ah, more placesloading