Walk in Western Administrative Okrug

Abandoned place Escalator gallery

For more than 25 years this unique gallery is abandoned

Park Sparrow Hills

Forest area on the high right bank of river Moscow

Abandoned Water Park Aquadrom

Museum-Estate Arkhangelskoe

Enjoy works of art or just stroll through shady alleys of the park.

Embankment Vorobyevskaya

Business Center Zenith

University MSU

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Gate Triumphal Gate

Gates were constructed to honor victory in the war of 1812.

Monument Doсent

Artist Leonov threatens passers-by to rip their chaps and to stab their blinkers

Metro Kiyevskaya Station

Station at Koltsevaya Line that was opened in 1954

Street art For what

Works of Moscow team ”Zachem” and quotations from interview with Kirill Kto and Misha Most

Park Fili

A park along bottom land of r. Moscow in the West of Moscow with area of 280 hectares

Obzornaya ploschadka Observation Deck

structure House-ring

Park Pobedy Park

Memorial park with museum of Great Patriotic War

Subway Troparevo

Metro Park Pobedy Station

The 165th station of Moscow Metro which is situated on Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya Line

Memorialnyiy kompleks Poklonnaya gora

Railway station Kievskiy vokzal

One of the most beautiful railway stations

Park 50-years October

A forest park in the West of Moscow near Vernadskovo avenue

Castle Meyendorff

The summer residence of Russian President

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