Show in Western Administrative Okrug

Cinema Pioner

A cinema with a museum, a bookstore and a café at Kutuzovsky Prospekt

Museum-Estate Arkhangelskoe

Enjoy works of art or just stroll through shady alleys of the park.

Museum Technology Museum

Admire cars, motorcycles, military equipment and weapons in the museum by Vadim Zadorozhnogo

Museum The forgotten things

Admire the charming trifles in Retro-Museum

Theatre Fomenko Workshop

The most favorite theatre of Moscow

Museum WWII Museum

Touch the Great Patriotic War

Museum-panorama Battle of Borodino

Visit the grand battle

Memorialnyiy kompleks Poklonnaya gora

Theatre South-West

Do you love South-West theatre like I do?

Museum Mosfilm museum

The military-technical film base with «auto-cast» on the territory of the film studio

Teatr koshek Kuklachev

Cinema Kinostar De Lux

Movies in the shopping center «Mega Teply Stan»

Cinema Formula Kino

Movies in the shopping center «Festival»

Youth Leisure Centre Kuncevo

Entertainment center with one of the most affordable movie theaters in Moscow

Cinema Starlight

Movies in the shopping center «Filion»

Cinema Club Cine Phantom

Gallery Les Oreades

Cinema Karo Film

Cinema Kinograd

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