Drink & food in Western Administrative Okrug

Cafe Hachapuri

Eat khachapuri, khinkali and other current Georgian food

Club & Restaurant Krysha Mira

Сafe Prawns

Restaurant & Bar Oblaka

Heavenly restaurant in the Gallery «Vremena Goda»

Pizzeria Bocconcino

Pizzeria in the shopping center «Vremena Goda»

Cafe Pion

Café in Pioneer Movie Theater

Restaurant Mammina

Restaurant Тoskana

Restaurant Prichal

Restaurant in the country on the picturesque bank of the Moskva River

Cafe + Kindergarten Yeti Snow Station

Spherical complex featuring an atmosphere of outer space

New American Restaurant Tribeca

Pizzeria Centrale

Taste a pizza cooked in the wood stove in Rublevka

Night Club London

Club featuring European atmosphere

Bakery Munger

Restaurant La Maree

Restaurant Kinki

Gourmet Japanese cuisine restaurant

Bar Beerhouse 01

Here, they set fire to the hearts of their clients to later extinguish it

Restaurant Sumosan

Sumosan restaurant in the ‘Radisson Slavyanskaya’ hotel

Cafe Ҫa va

Ça Va Café is about meetings with friends

Restaurant Yan Primus

Belgium beer restaurant named after Duke of Flanders

Steak House Torro Grill

Steak house located in ‘Auchan City’

Coffeeshop Hleb & Co

Cafe Bakery Le Pain Quotidien

Cafe in the shopping center «Evuropeyskiy»

A-a-ah, more placesloading