Walk in Southern Administrative Okrug

Park Tsaritsyno

A park with palaces on the South of Moscow founded by Catherine II in 1776

Museum Kolomenskoe

culture center ZIL

Park & Museum Tsaritsyino

The plant AMO ZIL

House House of 1000 aprtm.

This ‘Ship-building’ was built in 1970-1980s for Ministry of Atomic Energy

Tower Shukhov Tower

Hyperboloidal construction of 1922 in a form of grid shell on Shabolovka street

Street art Aec & Kislow

Street painting in “Interesni Kazki” style

Manufactory Danilovskaya

Park Sadovniki Park

A green space on the area of 32 hectares

Monastery Donskoy Monastery

Stauropegic friary (from 1745) of Russian Church

Tower Dulo

One of the most ancient places in Moscow built in XII century

Monastery Danilov Monastery

Friary on Danilovsky Swell

Residential Complex Municipal House

Park Brateevsky Park

A cascade park on the right bank of river Moscow in Brateevo

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