Cafes in Southern Administrative Okrug

City cafe i like bar

Lounge Cafe Чайхона №1

Кальянная в Глобал Сити

Tea Studio Otkrytyi Mir

Cafe Gurman

Cafe Starbucks

Cafe in Tulskiy mall

Cafe Cherry-Berry

Cafe on the second floor of the shopping center «Alpha»

Teahouse Mate

Coffee house Kapuchinoff

Cafe & Club Visavi

Tavern Taras Bulba

Affordable restaurant by ‘Korchma Taras Bulba’ chain

Japanese Food Restaurant Niyama

Japanese restaurant in Vodoley Shopping Center

Cafe Bora Bora

Cafe in «Domodedovskiy»

Fast Food Teremok

Fast Food in «Yerevan Plaza»

Cafe Blues

Steak House Goodman

Steak House in «Erevan Plaza»

Fastfood Teremok

Cafe Sbarro

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