Walk in Eastern Administrative Okrug

Estate Kuskovo

Architectural and art ensemble of XVIII century

Underground Museum Stalin`s Bunker

The chief shelter under the «Sports and fitness company Izmailovo»

Park Izmaylovsky

Park with area of 1534 hectares

Park Kuskovo Park

An area of the park is 3,106,000 square meters

Natoinal park Moose Island

The largest forest park of Moscow

Aquapark Karibiya

Estate Izmaylovo

A park in a former monarch`s estate

Metro Elektrozavodskaya

A station between “Semenovskaya” and “Baumanskaya” that was opened on May 15, 1944

Building Rusakov Club

Rusakov Workers Club was built in 1929 according to project of architect Melnikov

Factory club Burevestnik

One of the five famous clubs of Konstantin Melnikov in Moscow

Attractions Attrapark Izmailovo

Attractions in summer, skating rink in winter

Attractions Attrapark-Sokolniki

Intended mostly for children, this attraction park has chamber of horrors and rope town

Attractions On Pesochnaya alley

A family park with safe attractions

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