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Four friends have opened a place where you pay not for cervices, but for your time

Free Space Tsiferblat

Embodiment of saying
'Time is money': 2 rubles/minute

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1 minute of live interaction for 1 ruble

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Sally about Time Club Gnezdo
кайфовое место, зависаем с друзьями, прогуливаем школу, приходите с:
Юлия Юшина about Domik
Domik is a free space for you to study, work and relax. Here you can: -use free Wi-Fi -drink flavoured coffee, tea, cacao and eat tasty cookies -play table and video games -bring food (pizza, sushi i.e.) with yourself -watch movies on big screen -arrange a meeting, concert, seminar or a bithday party and have a lot of fun:))) Unfortunately here you are not allowed to smoke and drink alcohol Price: 2 rubles per minute (you pay only for the time spent at our place) Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 12:00-23:00 Friday-Saturday 12:00 — 01:00 Sunday 12:00-23:00 Address: Mendeleevskaya or Savelovskaya 54/5 Novoslobodskaya st. (entrance to the arch near the Khinkalnaya)Read more

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