Gifts in Central Administrative Okrug

Flower Shop Jolly Bunch

A bouquet of fresh flowers is the portion of the visual vitamins

Shop & Cafe Prosto tak

Cafe Lebedev's Cafe

Store&Café on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street

Book and gift shop Dodo

Adult Boutique Prezervativnaya

Shop Izum

Shop Paradox

Gift shop Lost and found

Find something original

Club-store Giperion

Books, doodads and other colonial produce

Flea Market Svoya polka

Gifts Shop Coordi

Gallery shop Baboushka

A gallery and an atelier at Sivtsev Vrazhek in a small shop of antique objects and memories.

Store & big cafe Lebedev's Big Cafe

Restaurant on Bankovsky Lane that has turned into a large cafe

Candy-shop M'art Candy

Gift Shop PichShop

DVD Discs Mir Kino

Gifts Shop 1+1

Last reviews

Rory about Lebedev's Cafe
great place to hang out
Alexandra Vanenkovova about Dodo
they are now on Таганская улица, 31/22

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