Bookshops in Central Administrative Okrug

Book store Respublica

The Bookshop Falanster

Book and gift shop Dodo

Book store Moskva

The Bookshop Moskva

Famous book store in Tverskaya Street

Club-store Giperion

Books, doodads and other colonial produce

Bookstore Hodasevich

The Bookshop Tsiolkovskiy

Cultural center Pokrovskie Vorota

Spiritual library founded by Catholics and Christians in 1993

Center & Shop Belyie Oblaka

Bookshop Primus Versus

Bookshop Akademkniga+

Bookstore Bibliophile

Bookstore and centre organizin Chitalka

Antique store Shop Bibliophil

Bookshop Gnozis

Secondhand Bookshop Vishnyeviy Sad

Antiquarian Book Shop Antiquar

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Alexandra Vanenkovova about Dodo
they are now on Таганская улица, 31/22

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