Places in rayon Troparevo-Nikulino

Business Center Zenith

Bakery Munger

Subway Troparevo

Theatre South-West

Do you love South-West theatre like I do?

Dancing school Balance Club

To dance hip-hop, break dance, R-n-B, jazz-modern, strip, go-go; to attend yoga or shaping

Cafe Ҫa va

Ça Va Café is about meetings with friends

Restaurant Yan Primus

Belgium beer restaurant named after Duke of Flanders

Cinema Formula Kino

Movies in the shopping center «Festival»

Shop Lush

Meat Restaurant Paulhouse

100% meat

Cafe Starbucks

Cafe in the shopping center «Festival»

Cafe Starbucks

Cafe in the shopping center «Zvezdochka»

Restaurant Timur

Japanese Food Restaurant Saizen

Japanese restaurant in the hotel «Salute»

Italian Restaurant Il Patio

Famous restaurant chain outlet at Pokryishkina Street

Restaurant Tszin Yue

Vietnamese Food Restaurant Nem’s

Vietnamese restaurant in the «Almiral»

Restaurant Hleb sol

Business Incubator ANH

Japanese Restaurant Planeta Sushi

Aikido club Kenage

Cafe Rodeo

Restaurant Menga

A-a-ah, more placesloading