Drink & food in North-Western Administrative Okrug

Fastfood Cheburechnaya

While the country is crazy about imperialist fast food…

Restaurant River Lounge

Cafe Saray

Affordable Tatar café with a welcoming atmosphere

Restaurant Trum

Restaurant a la old port tavern

Beach & club TM Kafe

Open air club and beach zone in Strogino

Cafe-bar Greys

Restaraunt Baku

Azerbaijani restaurant in «Crocus City»

Cafe Starbucks

Cafe in SEC«Shchuka»

Restaurant Pomestie

Restaurant located in Serebryanyy Bor

Restaurant Zhukovka

Restaurant Komi

Restaurant U fontana

Italian Restaurant Evroasia

Cafe Cofe art

Restaurant Red Rose

Japanese Food Restaurant Tanuki

Restaurant Shabli

Japanese Restaurant Planeta Sushi

Restaurant Stadium

Restaurant Zhizn Prekrasna

Restaurant Yana

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