Places in North-Western Administrative Okrug

Bridge Picturesque bridge

A construction that has no analogues in the world

Estate in the Park Pokrovo-Streshnevo

An old homestead in the north-west of Moscow in a derelict state

Nudists Beach Nudists on Strogino

Beach Superbeach

Open-air club stage in Stroginskaya bottomland with modern resort infrastructure

Fastfood Cheburechnaya

While the country is crazy about imperialist fast food…

Wake-park Traektoria park

General Entertainment Graund Hodyinka

Restaurant River Lounge

Park Severnoe Tushino

A little park with a submarine, strike assault boat and airfoil boat in the North-West of Moscow

Author's dolls workshop Dolls

Make your first artistic doll!

Paintball Club Peredovaya

Museum Orlyenok

Combat transport landing ekranoplan (ground effect vehicle)

Cafe Saray

Affordable Tatar café with a welcoming atmosphere

Entertainment Park Cosmik Kaleydoscop

Beauty salon and SPA Bella Bimba

Airfield Tushino

Cinema Polyet

Moscow Theater for children and teenagers

Beach & club TM Kafe

Open air club and beach zone in Strogino

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