Walk in North-Eastern Administrative Okrug

Graffiti park Area Graffiti

See the houses on skirt of the capital

TV Tower Ostankino

Climb the tallest tower in Russia

Design Factory Flakon

A complex of design, media and event spaces in one “Flacon”

Theme Park Ride / Attraction Koleso obozreniya

Building Bakhmetevsky garage

A masterpiece avant-garde building of Melnikov that previously housed a center of contemporary art

Monument Mosfilm's Sign

An ideal and a symbol of soviet period

Street art Flacone Facade

Alexey Kio created a painting on façade of “Flacone” design factory

Office Esquire

Beach Flacon's Beach

Beach with heated swimming pool, volleyball, ping-pong, cafe right next to «Flacon» design-plant

graffiti Bulgakov's

Arbors Arbors in Marfino

Winner of “Archiwood” website in nomination for “City environment design” chosen by visitors

Attractions Attrapark at VVC

The biggest attraction park of the city

Monument Cheese «Druzhba»

The most famous processed cheese in the CIS

Building Intourist Garage

This avant-garde building was built on the project of brilliant architect Melnikov in 1934

Attraction Moscow-850

An attraction park with the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe

Office DEFA

Gorodskoe kladbische Miusskoe kladbische

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