Restaurants in North-Eastern Administrative Okrug

Restaurant Kryisha-Bar

Restaurant-bar-lounge V temnote?

“Dans le noir?” Yes, in the dark!

Restaurant Avtograf

Restaurant a la Catherine the Great

Restaurant Akbash

Restaurant Grill Don Ivan

Restaurant Ecle

Restaurant Twin Pigs

Restaurant in the Oak Grove

Restaurant Aurora

Italian Restaurant Il Patio

Famous restaurant chain outlet at Altufevskoe Highway

Restaurant Ostankino

Italian Restaurant Il Patio

Famous restaurant chain outlet at Sushevskiy Val Street

Italian Restaurant Osteria Italiana

Restaurant Siviy Merin

Restaurant Solod

Restaurant Podvalchik

Restaurant Purpur

Japanese Restaurant Planeta Sushi

Armenian Restaurant Ararat

Restaurant Deja vu

Japanese food restaurant Tanuki

Restaurant Ganesha

Restaurant Grabli

Restaurant Yamakasi

Restaurant Yona

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Ksenia about Grabli
If you want it easy and pleasant to eat in a good location, this restaurant is just right for you. The food is good, the portions are large. The staff were genuinely trying to talk with you in English. I think this is a good place for friendly gatherings. Great value for a generous portion and smiling attentive staff! We understand each other quite well. I'll be back for sure.Read more

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