Drink & food in North-Eastern Administrative Okrug

Restaurant Kryisha-Bar

Restaurant-bar-lounge V temnote?

“Dans le noir?” Yes, in the dark!

Cafe Woopidoo

Italian Cafe Cherry Mio

Cafe & coworking Coworcafe

Cafe Brocard

French café in Flacon design factory

Cafe Iskra

Another affordable cozy café located in ‘Flakon’ design factory

Art-cafe Chumadan

Motto is ‘it’s always chopping and changing’

Pub Johnnie Green

Pub by real Irish leprechaun

Restaurant Avtograf

Restaurant a la Catherine the Great

Club Plan-B

Restaurant Russky chai

Café serving authentic Russian dishes in Ostankino Park

Restaurant Grill Don Ivan

Restaurant Akbash

Cafe Kotleta

Restaurant Ecle

Restaurant Twin Pigs

Restaurant in the Oak Grove

Cafe Assorti

Concert hall Little Rock

Restaurant Aurora

Italian Restaurant Il Patio

Famous restaurant chain outlet at Altufevskoe Highway

A-a-ah, more placesloading