Drink & food in North-Eastern Administrative Okrug

Restaurant Kryisha-Bar

Restaurant-bar-lounge V temnote?

“Dans le noir?” Yes, in the dark!

Cafe Woopidoo

Italian Cafe Cherry Mio

Cafe & coworking Coworcafe

Cafe Brocard

French café in Flacon design factory

Cafe Iskra

Another affordable cozy café located in ‘Flakon’ design factory

Art-cafe Chumadan

Motto is ‘it’s always chopping and changing’

Pub Johnnie Green

Pub by real Irish leprechaun

Restaurant Avtograf

Restaurant a la Catherine the Great

Restaurant Russky chai

Café serving authentic Russian dishes in Ostankino Park

Club Plan-B

Cafe Kotleta

Restaurant Grill Don Ivan

Restaurant Akbash

Restaurant Twin Pigs

Restaurant in the Oak Grove

Restaurant Ecle

Cafe Assorti

Italian Restaurant Osteria Italiana

Restaurant Ostankino

Art Club Monaclub

A-a-ah, more placesloading