Places in rayon Sokolniki

Museum Calligraphy Museum

Calligraphy — it's not only the art of perfect handwriting and the art of the perfect spirit

Skating rink Ice

Skate in Sokolniki

Building Rusakov Club

Rusakov Workers Club was built in 1929 according to project of architect Melnikov

voenno-takticheskaya igra AirSoftParty

Factory club Burevestnik

One of the five famous clubs of Konstantin Melnikov in Moscow

Attractions Attrapark-Sokolniki

Intended mostly for children, this attraction park has chamber of horrors and rope town

Surf Shop Rip Curl

Products for surfing

Attractions On Pesochnaya alley

A family park with safe attractions

Pane House Crеperie de Paris

Café by a chain of pancake houses for lovers of Parisian cuisine

Cafe Starbucks

Cafe on the second floor in the «Sokolniki»

Restaurant Bakinskiy Dvorik

Theatre Polish Theatre

Polish Theatre of Eugene Lavrenchuk in Moscow

Bicycle rental In Sokolniki Park

Japanese Restaurant Planeta Sushi

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