Show in Northern Administrative Okrug

Recreational Science Museum Eksperimentanium

Scientific and entertainment center for learning science and natural phenomena

Museum Oceanarium

The first oceanarium in Moscow — in RIO shopping centre

Hippodrome Central Hippodrome

Bet at the oldest hippodrome in Europe

Music Studio Ypsilon

Museum History of Cognac

Explore exquisite cognacs in a genuine atmosphere created with items of French winemakers

Concert Hall Stadium Live

A new concert and show stage that has no analogues in Moscow

Entertainment Complex Kinosfera

The first IMAX cinema in Russia

Cinema Iskra

Moscow Theater for children and teenagers

Cinema Baykal

Folk Music Theater Golden Ring

The National Theatre of Folk Music and Songs

torgovyiy tsentr Aviapark

Theatre Semitsvetik

Tsentr gorodskoy kulturyi Tsentr «Pravda»

Dom kulturyi Severnyiy

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