Drink & food in Northern Administrative Okrug

Falafel Restaurant The Hummus

Restaurant Ender

Restaurant Vodnyi

Riverside restaurant with a patio near ‘Vodny Stadion’ located at the territory of Royal Yacht Club

Restaurant SimachYard

Vietnamese Restaurant BichCau

Vietnamese restaurant located in Koptevsky Vietnamese market

Restaurant Brasserie Beermarket

75 varieties of draught beer

Restaurant Amigo Migel

A Mexico in Moscow

Cafe Uruk

The tearoom of Khiva

Restaurant Tayskiy Slon

Huge adjusted Thai restaurant

Restaurant Porto Maltese

Chinese Fast Food Wokker

Fast food in «Metropolis»

Cafe Starbucks

Cafe on the second floor of the mall «Metropolis»

Club Pravda

Restaurant Denis Davydoff

Experience the nature of Russian aristocracy

Restaurant Yar

The legendary restaurant in a historical hotel «Sovietsky»

Ethnic cuisine Fadzhan

Restaurant Parkhouse

French Restaurant Parisienne

Tearoom Coffee Bean

Beer Restaurant Broshett

Salads, rolls, tongues and onion rings are peacefully combined with beer in stomachs of our clients

Food-court Kebab House

Turkish fast food on the third floor of Rechnoy Shopping and Entertainment Center

Restaurant Steak’s

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