Places in Northern Administrative Okrug

Recreational Science Museum Eksperimentanium

Scientific and entertainment center for learning science and natural phenomena

Museum Oceanarium

The first oceanarium in Moscow — in RIO shopping centre

Abandoned hospital HZB

Kids club FunWallClub

Abandoned school Kosmodemyanskiy

Float Center Embryo

Dance Studio 5 Life

Learn to dance on Belarusian!

Cookery School Yuliya Vyisotskaya

Kvest s zanimatelnoy fizikoy Bashnya Teslyi

Slogan for this place

Hippodrome Central Hippodrome

Bet at the oldest hippodrome in Europe

Concert Hall Stadium Live

A new concert and show stage that has no analogues in Moscow

Miscellanea Rowan Craft

Music Studio Ypsilon

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