Places in rayon Ramenki

Abandoned place Escalator gallery

For more than 25 years this unique gallery is abandoned

Park Sparrow Hills

Forest area on the high right bank of river Moscow

Embankment Vorobyevskaya

University MSU

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Monument Doсent

Artist Leonov threatens passers-by to rip their chaps and to stab their blinkers

Сafe Prawns

Obzornaya ploschadka Observation Deck

structure House-ring

Fitness Center World Class

Private school space Atlas

To become an astronaut!

Bar Beerhouse 01

Here, they set fire to the hearts of their clients to later extinguish it

Museum Mosfilm museum

The military-technical film base with «auto-cast» on the territory of the film studio

Steak House Torro Grill

Steak house located in ‘Auchan City’

Entertainment Park Cosmik Capitoly

Children's Club Smilik

Monument Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher for giants

kafe Schavel

Kids Club Mama's Dream

Bicycle rental Kant

Children's Club Smaylik

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