Places in Ostankinskiy rayon

Science Museum Polytechnical

Exhibition Centre All-Russia EC

Museum Astronautics Museum

Scientifically credible museum with aesthetically expressive exhibits and installations

Aquarium Moskvarium

TV Tower Ostankino

Climb the tallest tower in Russia

Cinema Сircular panorama

A unique soviet cinema attraction forgotten by everybody

Monument Mosfilm's Sign

An ideal and a symbol of soviet period

Theme Park Ride / Attraction Koleso obozreniya

Italian Cafe Cherry Mio

Glavnyiy katok stranyi Katok VDNH

Labyrinth Mirror

Art-cafe Chumadan

Motto is ‘it’s always chopping and changing’

Attractions Attrapark at VVC

The biggest attraction park of the city

Pub Johnnie Green

Pub by real Irish leprechaun

Family Club Masterskaya

Attraction Moscow-850

An attraction park with the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe

Fitness Zebra VDNH

Skating-rink Ostankinsky Rink

Skating rink on the pond of the Ostankinsky park

Restaurant Russky chai

Café serving authentic Russian dishes in Ostankino Park

Cafe Kotleta

Bicycle rental Velorenta

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