Places in Ostankinskiy rayon

Science Museum Polytechnical

Exhibition Centre All-Russia EC

Museum Astronautics Museum

Scientifically credible museum with aesthetically expressive exhibits and installations

Aquarium Moskvarium

TV Tower Ostankino

Climb the tallest tower in Russia

Cinema Сircular panorama

A unique soviet cinema attraction forgotten by everybody

Monument Mosfilm's Sign

An ideal and a symbol of soviet period

Theme Park Ride / Attraction Koleso obozreniya

Italian Cafe Cherry Mio

Glavnyiy katok stranyi Katok VDNH

Labyrinth Mirror

Attractions Attrapark at VVC

The biggest attraction park of the city

Art-cafe Chumadan

Motto is ‘it’s always chopping and changing’

Pub Johnnie Green

Pub by real Irish leprechaun

Attraction Moscow-850

An attraction park with the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe

Family Club Masterskaya

Fitness Zebra VDNH

Restaurant Russky chai

Café serving authentic Russian dishes in Ostankino Park

Skating-rink Ostankinsky Rink

Skating rink on the pond of the Ostankinsky park

Cafe Kotleta

Restaurant Twin Pigs

Restaurant in the Oak Grove

Bicycle rental Velorenta

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