Places in rayon Marina roscha

Building Bakhmetevsky garage

A masterpiece avant-garde building of Melnikov that previously housed a center of contemporary art

Theatre Satiricon

The theatre of Arkady Raikin

Restaurant-bar-lounge V temnote?

“Dans le noir?” Yes, in the dark!

Office Esquire

graffiti Bulgakov's

Yacht School Moscowskaya

Building Intourist Garage

This avant-garde building was built on the project of brilliant architect Melnikov in 1934

Social Innovation Lab Cloudwatcher

Internet-shop Valenki

Designer handmade boots

Club Plan-B

Restaurant Ecle

Italian Restaurant Il Patio

Famous restaurant chain outlet at Sushevskiy Val Street

Restaurant Yona

Theatre Shadow

Vietnamese Food Cafe Saigon

Interaktivnyiy teatr Bebi teatr

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Restaurant Purpur

Restaurant Alkov

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