Galleries in rayon Hamovniki

Museum MAMM

Regular exhibitions of contemporary art and multimedia projects

Photocenter Photoraphy House

Miscellanea Arhe

Gallery Art XIX-XX

Gallery of European and American Art of XIX-XX centuries

Gallery shop Baboushka

A gallery and an atelier at Sivtsev Vrazhek in a small shop of antique objects and memories.

Gallery GCF

  • Влад
  • Nika Davydov
  • Rina Anir
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Gallary RuArts

Gallery Gallery Shilov

Moscow State art gallery folk artist of the USSR Alexander Shilov

Academy of Arts RAA

Russian Academy of Arts with a touch of the past, founded in 1757

Gallery Albion

Paintings and drawings, antique prints and maps from Russia and Western Europe

Fine Arts Centre Volkhonka-Grand

Antique shop in the basement of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Gallery Leonid Shishkin's

Gallery specializes in Russian art of XX century

Gallery Ravenscourt

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