Restaurants in rayon Hamovniki

Bar & Restaurant LuchBar

Place for lovers of modern art and the best cocktails in town

Modern European Restaurant Dom 12

Restaurant Golubka

Restaurant & Bar FF bar

Cinema club Fitil

Movie club featuring a restaurant, café and movie theater for 118 persons

Cafe Black Market

New café serving American dishes by Isaac Correa, the founder of Correas

Japanese Food Restaurant Seiji

Restaurant Tinatin

Restaurant of Tina Kandelaki and Ginza Project

Restaurant Obraz Zhizni

Cozy ‘Obraz Zhizni’ is a restaurant not for the elite but for everyone

Restaurant Baba Marta

The only Bulgarian restaurant in Moscow

Restaurant Rybka

Restaurant Beefbar Moscow

Restaurant Elardji

Delicious Georgian dishes made according to mummies and and grannies’ recipes

Restaurant Aromi la Bottega

Restaurant Nabi

Project by Restaurant Syndicate

Italian Restaurant Cantinetta Antinori

Restaurant Bistrot

A piece of tranquil Italy in Moscow's whirl

Restaurant Moscvich

Automobile café under the Autoville Museum

Restaurant Kruazh

Restaurant Vanil

Expensive oriental-style restaurant

Korean Restaurant Beliy Zhuravl

Restaurant Il Fornetto

Restaurant Provans

Mediterranean, Italian and French cuisine

Last reviews

Maria about LuchBar
Hello, the placeHas a name Luch, was very customer oriented and friendly. They would make any dish you want even if it's not on the menu and can be prepared from scratch. It was very kind and excellent of the chef to make for me a soup I like, also I couldn't eat anything else in the middle of October. They really will accommodate you with everything you need to feel delighted with the place, people and food! And if you have a special occasion but nobody else agrees to help you in one hour to set up something interesting and different- they will! It is a great place to experience alone, with friends or family! I am grateful to be able to know them and thankful they do their best to be the best!Read more

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