Places in rayon Hamovniki

Bar & Restaurant LuchBar

Place for lovers of modern art and the best cocktails in town

Museum MAMM

Regular exhibitions of contemporary art and multimedia projects

Pool Chayka

Monastery & museum Novodevichiy

Luminous and wondrous abode

Photocenter Photoraphy House

Modern European Restaurant Dom 12

Street Art Striked Portrait

Museum Moscow Museum

Museum about people who made this city as it is

Cafe Black Market

New café serving American dishes by Isaac Correa, the founder of Correas

A building not built Palace of the Soviet

Monumental project, 420 m high, with Lenin atop

Cultural Center Autoville

Visit the museum of retro-cars, restaurant, boutique and children's autodesign center

Shop Izum

Olimpiyskiy sportkompleks Luzhniki

temple Saviour Cathedral

See the biggest cathedral of Russian Church for 10000 people

Coffee Brew Bar West 4

Japanese Food Restaurant Seiji

Restaurant Tinatin

Restaurant of Tina Kandelaki and Ginza Project

Restaurant Golubka

Gift shop Lost and found

Find something original

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