Places in Danilovskiy rayon

culture center ZIL

Educational сentre Otkrytiy Mir

House House of 1000 aprtm.

This ‘Ship-building’ was built in 1970-1980s for Ministry of Atomic Energy

City cafe i like bar

Anticafe Oblaka

Slogan for this place

Tea Studio Otkrytyi Mir

Shop of cigars and alcohol Gallery of degr

Pick up booze and cigars

Flight Simulator Boeing

«Flight» on a full-size Boeing-737 simulator

Cafe Gurman

Cafe Starbucks

Cafe in Tulskiy mall

Pub beer & wine Jimmy’s

New gastronomic pub with a large choice of beer in ‘Novospassky Dvor’ business center

team building Happy farm

A-a-ah, more placesloading