Walk in Basmannyiy rayon

Design claster Artplay on Yauza

A downtown block in Moscow where architecture and art companies rent their offices

Architecture Spiring Stairs

Pond Clean Ponds

A pond and a little park on Chistoprudny boulevard

Street art Most

House Commode

House Home-Egg

Amazing architecture of bizarre form

Creative Center Arma Factory

Project The Wall Project

A gallery, open air site and conversation club of the street art on the territory of Winzavod

Building 1/2 Solyanka

Architectural Monument House of Yusupov

Street Pokrovsky

Garazh On Novo-Ryazanskaya

The Russian avant-garde heritage built according to project of Melnikov and Shukhov in 1926-1926

Street Art Alexey Kio

Graffiti Switchblade Tattoo

Design of tattoo studio in Moscow

Metro Red Gаte Station

A station of Skolnicheskaya line between “Komsomolskaya” and “Chistye Prudy” stations

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