Show in Basmannyiy rayon

Design claster Artplay on Yauza

A downtown block in Moscow where architecture and art companies rent their offices

Centre for Contemporary Art Winzavod

Cinema 35mm

Watch art-house and festival movies on a big screen

Project The Wall Project

A gallery, open air site and conversation club of the street art on the territory of Winzavod

Museum Moscow Lights

Museum dedicated to the history of city lighting

show-room Solyanke VPA

Culture Center Gogol-center

Project Platforma

Gallery & shop Maharadzha Interiors

See and buy furniture, textile and interior items of Rājasthān and Hastināpuram

Collective project Theatre.doc

Visit volunteer non-commercial theatre where you won’t see stage acting

Cinema Kinoclub

The first independent cinema theatre of club format at Winzavod

Space Acting Hall

Topical culture in action

Gallery Art+Art Gallery

Gallery of Contemporary Art

Cinema Karo Film Atrium

Movies in the trade and entertainment complex «Atrium»

Gallery XL

See the radical gallery of contemporary art

Gallery FotoLoft

Conceptual exhibition space

Gallery Vincent

To see modern art in the Vincent's gallery!

Cultural center Pokrovskie Vorota

Spiritual library founded by Catholics and Christians in 1993

Gallery Proun

The activity of this gallery concentrates on Russian avant-garde

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